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Daily Poem

immigrants song

Ancient estuary , majestic river
coursing life , vim , vigour

Left my home whence i was free
set my sights 'cross the Irish sea

Forced off my land , made to flee
Liverpool , you welcomed me

Worked forty years on canal , road and rail
never to falter , never to fail

No decree , no medal is heading my way
but this is my home now , its where i shall stay

Theres a new wave of people heading this way
from china , from Poland and Baltic states

Treated like lepers by the bigoted few
made to do jobs no others will do

Stand shoulder to shoulder in this mongrel land
where no-ones excluded , displaced or banned

Teach your children , help them understand
it was immigrant sweat that helped build this land

Ben Crone

Future Plans

To we tried to get poem800 published in book form but with 800 poems we couldn't find a publisher, also it was too expensive for us to print ourselves via vanity press so we regret that we have been unable to get it published. But we decided to leave it published on the internet i.e. running with a random poem every day (at our expense) and if anyone has any ideas on how to publish please get in touch.

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