Cranes hoist a new vision for liverpool into place;
glass fronts and modern twists
beam high above the eighties and nineties
reflecting new shapes.

They've really thought this one out.
Years of planning now cement for architects
who sail the port to a maritime fantasy,
where sea references swirl portholes and masts,
where buildings are cruise liners
rearranged for fun.

Hardhats drill through dust; a project ends,
a project begins, whole zones are closed off
to pave bold ideas for shoppers.
Old hall and church welcome in the cosmopolitan
to shine limelight across Mersey's murk,
for working class grit won a starring role.

In the next century neon will billow
through docklands, ferries shall stop mid-air,
drop tourinsts off at Liver Bird's feet.

By Barry Woods