Where They Became

it is as if no other birth gave birth
to anything that meant so much
but it's all i can think about when i hear
your name, Liverpool, they
came to us from you, they changed us
forever yesterday
forever she loves me
its a long and winding road
but so few years really to have
left such a legacy then left
there is no greater gift you could have given us
than them but I see why you think you must
omit their mention from your call for poems, them,
the obvious first thing to come to mind back in
the USA, but that's the way it is--
The Beatles--
ushered in my love life, let all generations sing
the same songs elevator style to jazzed
and good old long-haired rock and roll, may they
live on and may you who raised these children
be blessed too.

By Jennifer Bosveld