Al Pujarra

My wife is in trauma
but Iím in Granada
eating Caracoles.
The kid is on Crack
Iíve just got the sack
but in Granada
thereís great Guacamole.
The other oneís wasting
hasnít eaten for ages
says she dyslexic
canít read the packet
but by the Alhambra
the Chickenís fantastic.
My lover is worried
about her mother
but I donít see
thatís to do with me
and this Flan of El Moro
is really sweet.
Here in Granada
I havenít a Euro
with a wind you canít fight
and a hill for the night
when the Jefeí finds out
this Scouser will swing.
So give them a canto
and order a tazo
they canít kill a dancer
Iím drinking Lepanto
Iím smoking a Puro

By Tony Wailey