Catch The Girl - Kiss the Girl

Catch the girl - kiss the girl , off-ground tock
Which hand is it ? Take your pick
Ollie - holes leapfrog hangman's knot
Countin' to a hundred Ready or not!

Donkey fights - shoulder fights, Wheelin' a tyre
Skates an' skippin' , Higher an' Higher
Rats and rabbits - nearest to the wall
Queenie eye Queenie eye Who's got the ball ?

Cowboys an' Indians , Top an' Whip
Dip Dip Dip My Blue Ship
Knockin' on knockers , runnin' for your life
Eey Aye Addio - the farmer takes a wife

Chain ellalio - kickin' the can
Dan Dan the dirty ol' man
Follow the leader - Give a dog a bone
I'll tell your mother if you thow stones

Winter - warmers - big street slides
Cubs an' brownies - Scouts an' guides
Makin' a steerie - makin' a kite
Threein the bucket an' a fencin' fight

Cheese cutters - cherry wags - yo-yos up an' down
'Ring a ring a rosie we all fall down '
Swingin' on a lamp-post - paper planes
Balaclavas on in case it rains

Knockers - up lamplighters - pumps an' clogs
Snake belts - transfers an' catchin' frogs
Plastic goggles - dolly pegs
Rolled down wellies with marks on yer legs

Tram-lines - stink bombs - playin' three balls
Belly - banders on back yard walls
Sailin' matchsticks afyer the floods
an' a " penny return please, to Kirkby Woods "

Some of the games when we were young
Games we played and songs we sung
pastimes of old for lasses an' lads
Yesterday's kids an' todays Mums an' Dads

By Norm Whittle