Liverpool 700 years - The Anniversary Ode

Deep in memory deep in time;
Rooted far in Englands prime;
Proud she stands amid her peers,
Clothed with her seven hundred years.

Wealth is hers, and might and fame;
All the Seas resound her name;
In her roadstead navies ride,
Hath she need of aught beside?

Pow’r unseen, before whose eyes
Cities fall, and cities rise,
Grant she climb’s not to her goal
All forgetful of the soul.

Firm in honour be she found;
Justice armed and mercy crowned;
Blest in labour, blessed in ease,
Blest in noiseless charities.

Unenslaved by things that must
Yield full soon to moth and rust.
Let her hold a light on high
Men unborn may travel by;

Lovely as yon beaconing beam,
There were her Imperial stream,
Past the leagues of wharf and quay,
Bears her fleets unto the sea.

By William Watson - 1907