For King and Country -1939/45 The Kings

From dawn 'til dusk the shells rained down
churning up the bloodied ground
'til the angry sunset burst forth from the gloom

Smells of cordite filled the air
To mingle with the deep despair
In this bitter time - this time of endless doom

Unspoken bravery fought the cause
on these thankless devastated shores
as men of courage led the valiant fight
With truth their never failing sword
Righteousness in all accord
they fought the war for honesty and right

For king and country they'd not yield
in some distant foreign field
They held their lines with bravery and pride
With thoughts of home held in each mind
Stout hearts of every shape and kind
Kept their faith as many 'round them died

They made their stand so men stood tall
Engraved their souls in city walls
They fought the fight that wrote their history

They'll be remembered as the best
Who gave their all before their rest
Some even stayed for all eternity. . . . .

By Norm Whittle