A Liverpool Gospel

A murmur gathers on the breeze
A voice behind the clouds
A glimpse I see of heaven’s grace
For heaven surely I am bound
The dazzling light the homely charm
The friends all gathered near
Familiar faces all well loved
All are welcome here

The Mersey ferries carry Souls
Across the waves of time
The skies of Libpool fused with songs
‘Midst banners held up high
From Scotland road to Paradise
From Dingle to the Pier
From Kirkby to the streets of hope
From Bootle Strand they’re here

From Woolton and from Allerton
From Huyton and from Speke
The faithful pilgrims make their way
And then at Anfield meet
We come together in the name
Of our beloved football team
To talk of days of titles won
Of when our boys were kings

The dreams that saw the light of day
From Stubbins to Dalglish
From Billy Liddell’s tireless heart
To Stevie's flying feet
The curtains rose on each campaign
The deeds stitched on each flag
The stories told of every quest
Of fiercely conquered land

This blessed town gave birth to glory
Songs that passed down time
Oh Liverpool your name is writ
Upon this heart of mine
The Liverbirds watch over all
Who call this land their home
And those who choose this heaven's place
Will never walk alone

Now through the storms that wildly blow
And cast all dreams to sea
The laughter struggles to survive
And hope seems set to flee
But bide the time and don't give up
The day will dawn once more
The words will carry on the wind
"You'll Never Walk Alone"

The Miracle of Istanbul
The day that came to be
The Reds are Kings of Europe Lads
Now that's a sight to see
For football like the lives we live
In wild seas can be thrown
Remember when the night is long
"You'll Never Walk Alone".

By Parry Maguire