God Bless Yer Bill Shankly

Do yer hear us Bill Shankly
Can yer see through God's veil
Do yer pull on your auld shirt
And boots fastened well

Are yer here down at Anfield
Once more with yer boys
Do yer smile up at the Kop
As we sing as one voice

Is yer warm heart e're beatin'
And racin' the blood
Do yer think of us Shankly
I pray that yer would

God bless yer Bill Shankly
For makin' us great
For the glory of Anfield
God's blessed own Saint

Tell Bob we still love him
Tell Joe he was sound
Tell the 96 fallen
We remember them, proud

God bless yer Bill Shankly
Glenbuck Bill so dear
God knows sweet Bill Shankly
We wish y'were still here.

By Parry Maguire