Liverpool Girls

With cover girl looks and a figure for passion;
The Liverpool Girl is a leader of fashion.
She walks like a model, so sweet and divine;
As proud and as noble as ships o' the line.

Delicious - capricious, a mind of her own;
Her spirit is free and she's confidence prone.
She is one of the boys but she knows when she's ain't;
The Liverpool Girl is a devil and saint.

She loves little children an' family and such;
Kind to a fault but she doesn't think much -
Of girls who are common or lacking in style;
She dreams for the day when she walks down the aisle.

Delicious - suspicious of fellers in rollers,
She won't be seen dead with those fellers in bowlers.
A stunner who walks with a swing of the hip;
But she's one of the boys when she shoots from the lip.

The Liverpool Girl always knows what is best.
But she'll stand by her man when he's put to the test.
She is loving and kind, and is loyal and true,
And she'll follow her man be he Anfield or Blue.

Delicious - judicious she's quick with rebuke;
Her eloquence kills with just one stormy look.
Indifferent to splendour, disdainful of poseurs;
Delicious but wily; suspicious of roses.

The Liverpool Girl is a born again clubber;
Who's game for a laugh but she's never a scrubber.
She can sing and can dance, laugh and swear and can joke.
She is one of the boys but she's never a bloke.

Delicious - precocious, a constant surprise;
The Liverpool Girl she is wily and wise.
She is loyal and honest with virtues renowned;
Will need you and feed you - then buy in the round.

By Michael Walsh