(a somewhat poetical version of the recipe)

Use a neck of lamb, the scraggy bits, cubed,
Half as much again of stew beef, cubed too.
Brown them both, together, in some fat; you'd
Best to turn them often or they'll fry. Two
Onions, peeled and sliced mediumly thick
Should be added now, so that they can brown
While you cut and peel some carrots, then stick
Them in the pot as well. Two or three pounds
Of potatoes (peeled, sliced) must be put in
Now, too. Cover with hot water (some pour
in beef stock, but some others do not)—then
bake it in a preheated oven. Your
Scouse will be done "when a spoon in the pot
Stands by itself"-- if it doesn’t, it's not.

By Juleigh Howard-Hobson