A Merseyside Doctor. Dr C.Mason

Doctor Mason
Doctor Mason was a young man
of sincere integrity
An example to his fellow man what each of us should be
He listened with compassion
of all our aches and pains
His speciality, humanity and not for simple gains

His earlier years he helped out
in the treatment of the poor
The third world of sickness was his dedicated chore
Starting in his practice
he sought no power or fame
Those who crossed his kindly path still venerate his name

His patients young and old alike
all have a tale to tell
About a friend who gave his all to help to make them well

Doctor Christopher Mason
who played his earthly part
Was taken from his role so young, this man so strong at heart
He will always be remembered
by each and every one
As a Doctor of Devotion whose earthly deeds were done

Thank you Doctor Mason Sir,
for giving us back our son!

By Norm Whittle