Second Home

What will you find in the city of culture?
Hidden treasures down endless streets.
Myths abound in underground tunnels.
Pure city springs in religious streets.

Legends born in tarmacked car parks.
City colours mixed of the derbies pride.
Students in costumes with beer a plenty.
Standing hearts to 96 that died.

Ferry’s away to nearby neighbours.
Anthony Gormley's in the sand.
The Lamb Bananas changing location.
The yearly orange marching band.

Sefton lit with haunting beauty.
The Mystery park and centrals Muse.
Three old ladies proud to guard the water,
to give new blood its stunning views.

You will find here what you wish to.
She holds legend and fable, old and new.
Her streets are lined with majestic beauty,
though we rarely remark on but a few.

I found myself a life in Liverpool.
Full of friends, of laughter and of love.
I have faith enough in this fair city,
that you too will find all of the above.

By Chris McCarthy