The city of Liverpool has so much history.
The docks, the skyline and lots of mystery.
Two cathedrals, of periods new and old.
Stand on Hope Street, faiths big and bold.
A crypt, a soup kitchen for down and outs
A smile, a joke, a blanket, food in mouths
A radio beacon, that was once a twirling restaurant!
Tourist trains To Lime Street station final shunt!
From Western Approach, messages alerted the hunt!
The four graces, picturesque, along the water front.
Saint Nick’s, is peer head water used in it’s font?
Two Liver birds, look out to shore and into land
Scousers always in pubs and willing to lend a hand.
Day trippers, sight seers, to ferry across the Mersey.
We’re proud, wearing a red, blue or yellow jersey.
New Brighton tower, outdoor fair and swimming bath.
walk along the promenade, tacky gifts and funny hat.
Theatres and galleries, so much culture for all.
There’s the museum, Dickey Lewis and St. George’s Hall.
Sefton park, Stanley park, it’s a city so green.
Entertainment, amusement arcades surely set the scene.
night life, music, many clubs and pubs.
Food, a host of cuisine, a paradise of grubs.
Lark Lane, the trendiest highlighted space.
The South, the North, is it a different race?
We’ve got it all, a certain class divide.
The rich, the poor, those who know how to survive.
We have the oldest China town, an arch, and Indian community.
Kirkby, Scottie, Tocky, outer suburbs, close to inner city.
Shopping centres, concrete blocks and smells of the 60’s type.
The Beatles, Mathew Street ands all that hype.
Comedy, humour, celebrities prints in floor and wall.
The child of Hale, is he very tall?
Of course, the Dingle, where Ringo is from!
Saint Luke’s church, it’s a memory! A ruin from the Jerry’s bomb.
Trams and tracks, an overhead rail way.
All gone byes which should have been left to stay.
Derek Hatton, militant power, strikes and strains.
A fortune of errors of smells and stains
Learning, understanding, poly techs, University and school.
Walton on the hill was the start of the Pool.
We have all this, lots, much more.
Dreams, wishes, fantasies , a castle, archives from before.
King John’s Magna Carta seal was a fine appraisal award.
As The Mersey stretches out for hands to applaud.

By John C Heldt