Mathew Street

Have you been there lately - have you visited the street
You can feed your imagination as you listen to the beat
Images surround you as they pass before your eyes Memories of yesterday are right there' by your side

Walkin' on the sidewalks, it's just like it used to be
You can really start believin', that you're back in history
You can almost hear the jivetalk, as you wander to and fro
Whispers of the wonders that happened long ago - in
Mathew Street

The Grapes are pressed so sweetly and the White Star's shinin' bright
An' in Flanagans the Apple gets bitten every night
The Cavern Walks are swingin' where the Beatles Rule - Okay
Where Arthur Dooley's masterpiece gets the people sayin' "Hey!"
'round Mathew Street

J' member how the cellar opened up the can o' worms
How it filled the world with magic now everybody learns about Mersey Beat

Down Mathew Street. . . .Yeah !!

By Norm Whittle