The Liver Birds

The vigil that I stand for thee,
unbroken gaze towards the sea;
Beyond the Bar and Crosby Head,
across the waves to Birkenhead -
to feel the dawn upon my back;
Till ships salute and dip their jack.

When evening shadows dull the pace;
as lamps are lit we keep our place.
Oh, Liverpool, within thy nest,
to loyal stand and guard thee best -
as witness to the march of time;
ships whistles blow and church bells chime.

Beneath my gaze though haughty be,
I greet the ships that cross the sea.
The ocean breeze no longer plays,
a song to freedom through their stays -
And sailor men from far and wide,
will rest at peace on Mersey tide.

The vigil that we stand for thee,
Oh, city fair that greets the sea;
Where seagulls sweep to mournful cry,
yet from our nest we shall not fly -
For all that come by road or helm,
we vow thee welcome to our realm.

By Michael Walsh