Parking Up

Once clear, it was obvious, if not crystal
The lad on the gate, was indeed a Red
In this city of cathedral surplus bred

They start at eight and finish bang on four
The half day estimated, over two days now spread
A night out beckons, perhaps late to bed

Single trucker mixes and he can dance
Single trucker dances very close indeed
Next morning waves goodbye, she whispers Godspeed

Liverpool he likes, is parked alone the dock road
Two thousand and eight then crosses his mind
Also Glasgow, likewise culturally inclined

Frown in place, climbs into his rig
Bemoaning already the chances he'll see
Parking? Top dollar, down by the Mersey

Knows through experience the city will change
Become brighter, cleaner, duller, dearer
Sanitized shopping for monoglot receiver

For now he's content, thinks of the girl
Scouse charm charmed him, phones her to say
Whatever the cost, he will pay and display

By David Connor