Heart, heart of sea

Fullness of your name, Mersey.
Your pace, to be going and to come, to come, to jump the top of your own element:

To defoliate with your force the flower of salt and vertex of foam of your laugh of phosphorus:

To shake off as an immense, brave, torn mane, to double in balance of serpent:

The sky to swallow in your down of water!!!

The wave raises in hollow and hard arch;
It shocks the steel of your foam in the anvil;
Hiss cut by your electrical counterfoil.

It roars in the height, exploits your lung with bitter blood, sick and warm flower.

Lightning throws itself to the birth of your brilliancy:
It opens again the angle of the thunder and is stretched nake and crystalline.

You sing the silly wave with your choir of voices and in the flute of the wind the snail laughs.

In order that my singing of hope was sinking.

In order that my bitterness was dying to the return of your magic noise, I looked at your gray meat - gray of soul and of distress - and your foam of cloud.

The anchor of the Mersey!! The arms raised in cross!!
And you raised the whole dark thought of storm in the night, to your brilliancy without shades.

That are closed the eyelids for the weight of the dream!
Your loneliness of birds. Heart, heart of sea. Infinite Mersey. Only.

Peace and smoke of heart I enter and of the rose...

By Maria Gutierrez Navarro