The Neale's of Barnet Street

When you close your eyes can you recall
the way it was when we were small?
I remember the bath, on a hook, in the yard.
Next to the bunker were the coal was stored.
Pans on the stove boiling all day
for seven kids grimy from a days play.
A big roaring fire to keep out the cold
then tucked up in bed for a story to be told.

In Barnet Street the houses were small.
We didn't have gardens just a walled back yard.
Without the mod cons we are now use to
just cold running water and an outside loo.
Times were hard and money was tight
Dad worked all day and late into the night.
To put food on the table and coal on the fire.
Care of the family his only desire.

Mum worked and toiled throughout the day
attempting to manage on dads small pay.
Which was indeed an impossible chore.
She ended up working for a department store.
For a pittance of pay she scrubbed and cleaned
the department store until in gleamed.
Then home to bed till morning came.
Then up to start all over again.

By Linda Carlson