I touch the Mersey

I touch the Mersey and I donít feel wet
The sea air blows but I donít fall down
I hold the sun, yet I donít feel burnt
But I can smell the people, oh yes I can

I read the news but Iím not informed
Bouncing echo goes but through me
Urban tunnels connects my ears
Feel nothing but vibrations, oh yes I can

The cathedral bird spread its wings
A towering finger is spreading waves
Three eyes guarding the shores
I can watch out for signs, oh yes I can

Watching Dad mend Albertís boat
The baby creamed along the side
Canal turned the horses fall
Can taste the bitter, oh yes I can

The Reds and Blues walk down the church
Pray for joy and imagine peace
Matthew Street begins the beats
Canít hear ferry sound, oh no I canít

By Barry Avison