King's Port of Liverpool

Doesn't it just make you feel so proud?
Want to jump up and scream out loud!
Like victorious chants from the Anfield crowds?
The Liver-Birds are our Culture vultures.

We took on the best and beat them all,
like when Adolph sent his bombers, we answered the call.
Odds stacked against us, but we all stood tall,
now we're going to be the Capital of Culture.

Take a ferry across the Mersey, Gerry's home base,
gallop up to Aintree for the Grand National race.
Our George and John's memories are all over the place,
And Doddy's still the master of fools.

The architecture here is a must to be seen,
multicultural city, cosmopolitan cuisine,
Kingsway tunnel, opened by Elizabeth, the Queen,
the tall ships heading back to the 'Pool'.

Jimmy McGovern, Alan Bleasdale, Willy Russell and me,
grab a pad and a pen, and switch off the TV.
Face a blank page wondering what it will be,
and write long into the night.

You can reach us by train, by sea, or by air,
we're the people with the magic, you'll find everywhere,
and thanks to the Mancs' for supporting us there,
now our waterfront's a World Heritage site.

By Tommy McBride