Long Haired Lover From Liverpool

Long Haired Lover From Liverpool

The time I learned of Liverpool is a magic memory
of the youngest of those sweetheart Osmond boys,
'twas little Jimmy Osmond born in nineteen sixty-three
who made a song that made a lot of noise.

He said he was a long-haired lover out of Liverpool.
My sheepish mind imagined a little boy
whose brother Donny caused the girls to fawn like dizzy fools
who'd dive and tumble for a favorite toy.

He wasn't cute as Donny O. who gave me butterflies,
"Down By the Lazy River" made me swoon.
But 2nd best is better under England's famous skies
enlightened by a childhood's first full moon.

Anne Bryant-Hamon
August 18th, 2007

By Anne Bryant-Hamon