The Little House- Multo in Parvo

Anderson,Gerards,Currans’and Lee
Wilding, Byrne and Ware
Guinness and Bitter, with
week old wine
are a few of the drinks they share. The bar features oppositional creatures
known locally as Frank and J.G.
who are both non corrupting
but mildly insulting
to putative custards like me. Both sympathetic to those opsimathetic
but wary of emulous folk
their wit extempore’,
like the odd the Dockers story
delights those who are fond of a joke Different, with special traits
like Scousers everywhere
laughter and singing
is their vice
though one or two can share
a comprehensive knowledge
or dare I say “nous”
before one can enter
with some banter
the bar of the “Little House” Stories of wharves and truckers
stories of trips and the sea
mixed with tales of ‘Daguerre’
and barbed wire songs in Germany
from Kingsman, Tommy Ware
so if you come for a drink there
to join us all in song
it’s only when we start singing
you’ll know, we have lived !!!
Too long.

By Bill Curran