Strawberry Fields Forever

The warm August sun that always dried up our tears,
Imagine the children,so much hope in their eyes.
Looking back through the memories to childhood years,
There beneath John's blue suburban skies.

Safe and sound where calm embraces with serene,
The harsh turbulence of life is pushed aside.
Summertime was spent in fresh fields of forest green,
A place where pain and rejection could hide.

Days were filled playing games of hide and seek,
Disregarding all feelings buried so deep.
Itchy tongues harboured words we could never speak,
Childhood secrets we swore always to keep.

Questions sleep in the eyes of the unwanted child,
Reasons for abandonment may be for whatever.
But comfort laid in the dreams that grew free and wild,
Gathered daily down at strawberry fields, forever.

By Sharon Cawthorne.