Ask the Scouser

Tourist: Hi there, can I ask you a few questions about Liverpool?
Scouser: Yeah, course ya can, go 'ead mate!

Tourist: Why is Liverpool so great?
Scouser: Cos we're full of love with no hate

Tourist: Why is Liverpool preparing to celebrate?
Scouser: Cos we won the European Capital of Culture 2008

Tourist: What things can I do in the day with my mates?
Scouser: Well, quite a bit, there'll be lots on ya plate

Tourist: What kinds of stuff can I do out late?
Scouser: Ya could visit the clubs or dine out at Yates

Tourist: Well I better get started touring this place
Scouser: Alright but don't forget to come back in 2008

Tourist: Yeah, there's definitely lots to celebrate!
Scouser: That's Liverpool for you! In a bit mate

By Susan Williams