A face in the crowd

Yesterday, in my hometown of Liverpool-
where you’re either red or blue-
Coming through the crowd towards me-
I saw a face I thought I knew!
We looked each other up and down-
and both said, ‘Don’t I know you?’
Turned out we’d been at school together,
though it had been a year or two!
‘Married?’ I asked. ‘I was’ he said.
‘Children?’ ‘Yeah, I’ve got a few!’
‘Hobbies?’ I asked. ‘This and that’ he said.
‘Music?’ ‘Soul music! Anything that’s true!’
‘I could give you the low-down on Motown!’
‘I saw The Beatles at the Hollywood Zoo!’
‘I still love Country Music! How about you?’
‘Country’s lost it’s way! Something I outgrew!’
I said-‘It’s sure been nice, kind of like déjà vu!
What are you doing with yourself these days?’
He looked at me with a steady gaze and said,
‘Truth is, I do what I do!’

By Brian O'Connell