The mother smiled lovingly at her new born child and said,
'John! I've been waiting nine months just for you!'
The teenage boy smiled cheekily at John and said,
'Hey dude! I want to write some songs with you!'
The cultured salesman smiled shyly at John and said,
'Listen! I have a strictly business proposition for you.'
The red-headed girl smiled eagerly at John and said,
'Please help me to become famous. I really do like you!'
The blonde student smiled adoringly at John and said,
'Yes darling, I love you too and I will marry you!'
The mysterious poet from the Mid-West smiled at John and said,
'Here's something I wrote today! Especially for you.'
The avant-garde brunette smiled enigmatically at John and said,
'Climb up this ladder. Be careful, I might fall in love with you.'
The stranger smiled coldly at John in the hotel lobby and said,
'Will you sign this? Thanks, I have something here for you.'
The angel on duty at heaven's gate smiled fondly at John and said,
'You're not imagining this, John. We've been expecting you.'

By Brian O'Connell