Sunday Afternoon in Liverpool

It's Sunday afternoon. Time to go and see your nana
Time to play unrecognisable tunes on her old pian-a!
Time to bring some noise into her quiet and orderly life
Time to remind her of when she was a brand new wife
Time to open the cupboards and throw things onto the floor
Time to tickle your brother until he says 'No more!'
Time to look at ancient photographs of the days of yore
Time to ask about your granddad and why he died in a war?
Time to ask why the world just can't live in peace anymore?
Time to open a tin of biscuits and eat two or three or four
Time to listen to the radio to hear the latest football score
Time to try to tidy up and leave things as they were before
Time to kiss your nana goodbye and rush toward the door
Time to relax! Time to dream! Time to wish upon the moon!
It's Sunday afternoon in Liverpool. The children will be here again soon!

By Brian O'Connell