The Liverpool Stadium

‘There’s boxing Every Friday night at the Liverpool Stadium!’
Famous names like Kid Bassey, Rudkin, and McAteer!
Forget about the stars on the London Palladium!
The best entertainment anywhere was right here!

The sign read ‘There’s Wrestling at the Liverpool Stadium tonight!’
The place was packed! Billy Two Rivers versus ‘Dirty’ Jack Pye!
The excitement was high! It was sure to be a rough and rowdy fight!
But when the contest was called off- there wasn’t a dry eye in sight!

The tag team boasted Count Bartelli and Adrian Street!
Flash Jordan and Ray Thunder were the guys to beat!
There was Kung Fu fighting and people were screaming!
When the Princess fought the Hellcat, I thought that I was dreaming!

In Nineteen Sixty, Gene Vincent came to the Stadium!
He was rock’n’roll royalty! All dressed in black leather!
His best friend Eddie Cochran had just died in a car crash,
but somehow that evening, Gene held himself together!

Frank Zappa and Led Zeppelin! Status Quo and Vinegar Joe!
All these famous and infamous names that you all must know!
Queen and Thin Lizzy! David Bowie and the Spiders from Mars!
They’ve all played ‘live’ in Liverpool and sampled in the bars!

The old Stadium is gone now, but the memory endures and remains-
As long as Liverpool people-have fighting blood in their veins!

By Brian O'Connell