The Goodison Road Barbers

Stanton Plumb and Mark Oliver were gentlemen's barbers back in 1953.
They had separate shops on Goodison Road, close to Everton FC
Stanton Plumb was going bald so he wore a beret to hide his lack of hair
If you were small he would sit you upon some wood over the barber's chair
He burnt a cork to darken the scalp of customers who required special care
But my dad never needed that! Just a dab of 'Bryl' and he was out of there!
Mark Oliver looked like a handsome film star from an era now long gone by
'The usual, sir?' He asked, beaming at me in the mirror and winking a devilish eye!
I asked for a 'Tony Curtis' but he gave me a 'District Attorney' instead
He smiled and asked me how I liked it as he showed me the back of my head!
It's true he often spoke about going to Russia, but that never bothered me,
Because we had the choice of two good barbers then, back in 1953!

By Brian O'Connell