The Sefton

"Fancy the Sefton? Sound, I'll pick you up at 8,
I'll be in a taxi, so you best not be late!"
An hour late from schedule, we pull up outside "Thanks mate, that's
Say hello to the doormen, and it's quick to the bar
"What shall we have girls?" We "umm" and we "ahh"
A bottle of rosť, as we scan the crowd,
For familiar faces to have a chat, sneaky flirt - it's allowed!
You can always rely on the Sefton - we've come here for years and more,

To have a good night - it's banter galore
There's all ages, shapes and sizes,
They never have change of fivers,
Whether you're sober, driving and on the Red Bull,
everyone comes here - whether or not on the pull
For in our fair city of Liverpool - it's famous in its own right
Generations have drank here - your grandchildren might!
In the heart of the village, unrivalled it stays
So Viva the Sefton, long live its days.

By Amy Marley