The Future

On the train to Liverpool with the grandson
he looks with wide eyes as we slow down
at the tunnel waiting our turn to enter
the vast and noisy Lime St station.

Grandma explains about the workers who,
with picks and shovels chipped away at the solid rock.
the horses with their big wide feet pulling the loads from the ships to the trains,
ready to be carried off on the spiders web of track all over the country.

The child held onto my every word as interested as a child of six could be.
Over to William Brown St on our way to the grand museum,
questions questions on everything we passed.
the statues, the lions the Town Hall and the fountain.
worn out answering this young inquisitive mind,
my reward came when the lad squeezed my hand and said
"Gosh grandma you must have had a great time
when King John come to Liverpool"
the next day I changed my moisturizer.

By Mary Wrigley