Daft Ted.

Ted was big and amiable,
"Too Soft and too Daft about his job as a policeman,"
according to Ada.

“Its 1919 , our pay and conditions are a laughing stock across the country.
Ted, you’ve no kids, you go on strike we’ve family to look after !”

So Daft Ted joined the nine hundred and seventy three other poor souls
and marched arm in arm towards police stations
to try and persuade the others to join them
but were met with abuse and violence
and while it lasted
law and order broke down.

For over three days Liverpool was subjected
to a spree of looting and vandalism.
before the non-strikers supporting the army
eventual gained control of the streets
but only at the cost of several lives
and more than two hundred arrested.

And so the strike ended
and every man who went on strike was sacked,
their pensions lost.
But because of their actions the Government realized
how important the Police were to society
rewarded the Police that remained
by doubling their wages
and establishing the Police Federation.

But Daft Ted without any support for himself and Ada
now with child
had to tread briny waters for many a month whilst she gave birth alone.
They lived from hand to mouth because he was Daft enough to
support what he believed in.

I really hope that today's policemen appreciate what you and the others did
... Grandad.

By Roger Cliffe-Thompson