Where's the pool in Liverpool?

Where's the pool in Liverpool?
It lies here buried by some old fool
who filled it in - what a nutter!
(more fitting words I dare not utter),
for what's a port without a creek
where its little boats and fishing fleet
are all a'bobbing up and down?
There's no finer pageant for a town
that earns its keep upon the sea,
and proudly keeps its history
in a maze of alleys, cafes and bars -
a romantic haven beneath the stars!

Think of Marseille with its famed vieux port,
and Istanbul with the Golden Horn,
or that home from home when you sail down under -
the historic Rocks of Sydney harbour:
fabulous cities with bustling quays -
should not Liverpool be ranked with these?

But what have we got stuffed up our creek?
Just the shops and offices of any old town,
with a multi-lane highway running past the Pier Head,
the so-called jewel in Liverpool's crown.

Is this a city for people or cars?
I fear I could not boast,
till it is returned again to a human scale,
and redeems its natural coast.

So bring back the pool in Liverpool -
we do not need the land, you fool!
We need the water, Irish blue,
in a harbour that is "Liverpool" true!

By Timothy Kingham