Liverpool Trade

In this vastly expanding docks was the start
of a commercial enterprise in the making,
with the city of Liverpool being at the very heart
fine riches here just for the taking.
Industry boomed with large profits in trade,
and advance in science in this city were made.

To have the best ambassador for our fine port,
a Liverpudlian's name was definitely wanted,
so the Prime Minister’s name was sought
which is why, Gladstone Dock is still chanted.
Being the biggest, the finest and the first in line,
it was an ideal fitting tribute to a man so fine.

The great Tall Ships came and they all brought
tobacco, cotton, sugar and corn,
commodities that in England were richly sought,
for when the, Industrial Revolution was born.
We always prospered well from world trade,
except when, pirate ships did plunder and raid.

Very rich merchants and businessmen came,
from all over the world they'd flock,
because of it's international famous name,
they come to make money from their stock.
Profits of the port made businessmen glad,
so that to the wealth of the city they decided to add.

The line of docks is just seven miles long,
with some now defunct and some now filled in,
so shipping here now is not nearly so strong,
this natural decline is a terrible sin.
This port once so large, so proud and so grand,
that rivals were counted on just one hand.

By anonymous