The Flicks from my Everton Home

J' member de Everton,
the Hippy an' the Plad
an' worrabout the Lido where me mam first met me dad

J'member the Cosy
the Mere Lane an' the Royal
Where I first met Popeye an' his girlfriend OliveOyl

J'member the Kenny,
Clubmoor an; Cabbage Hall
Then there's the lousy Lytton where the bugs all had a ball

The Majestic, the Kings(Essoldo), Savoy
were all great flicks to go
From der we went upmarket to der flash ones down below

Palais de Luxe, the Scala
the Rialto, and Hope Hall
The Tatler, the News Theatre before they took a fall

The Forum, the mighty Odean
where we all queued around der block
Are now just silent memories of before they took the knock

I may have missed a few favourites here
but that certainly wasn't my intent
My poem, a walk back down memory lane
That all that was honestly meant. . . .

By Norm Whittle

By Norm Whittle