Liverpool Chinese

The Princess Gardens is where we dine,
a Chinese restaurant where you stay
to eat fresh fish that's cooked just fine,
drinking chilled but delicious Chardonnay.
If you start with soup or crispy seafood,
it will put you in a party mood.

This Chinese restaurant is Mr. Tso's,
whose specialities are fresh seafood and fish,
cooked on the bone and if you choose,
filleted to leave just white meat on your dish.
a waiter comes to your table and will cut away,
with surgical precision all the bones that inlay.

If you dont have soup, try crispy seaweed,
with many dishes of Lobster and Sea Bass,
a comprehensive menu for Mr. Tso to succeed,
his fresh Dover Sole is top of my class.
He goes to the fish market as early as he can,
to buy fresh fish for cooking pm

The menu has Chinese banquets by the score,
to suit almost everybody's taste and appetite,
so why not come here at least to explore,
a series of specials for your sheer delight.
Many recipes are from the Provinces of China,
but in Liverpool the banquets are appreciated much finer.

With tasty traditional English food you will find,
a portfolio of cooking and food that will appeal,
so it is difficult to make up your hungered mind,
which traditional dish you want for your meal.
The next important decision now of course,
is to choose a complimentary gravy or sauce.

Then to add to their quality of service and food,
there are classic spirits, wine and champagne,
or other such beverages that my suit your mood,
and you will return then to 188 Rice Lane.
Good timing and happiness combine to complete,
An evening out dining that is a welcome treat.

By anonymous