How the Liver Bird Lost His Voice

From the eerie mists of Time,
out of a mythic Pool
beside a Great River
called the Mersey
there arose
a Great Bird called the Liver
and God deemed him Good

-- and the Liver Bird replied,

And in the full passage of Time,
the townspeople of Liverpool
built a Castle overlooking
the Pool -- but later
they allowed the castle to fall to ruin
and they demolished it
and they filled in
the old Pool.
Instead, the town's merchants,
in their great wisdom,
built the Docks
and God deemed them Good,
for Commerce,
to make Liverpool a Great City

-- and the Liver Bird
though happy to see the City grow,
was much saddened
by the loss of the Pool
and the old Castle
that stood over the Pool.

He sobbed quietly,

Later in the fullness of Time, there arose,
to the East of the City
and to the North,
the Pools of Littlewoods
and Vernons
and God deemed them Good,
for Punters

-- and the Liver Bird, aware
that these newfangled Pools
were not like his beloved,
late lamented Pool,
wearily sighed,

And soon the Punters (the fools)
mistaking one Pool for another,
prayed, as they thought,
to the Liver Bird of Pools,
rubbed him on his head,
and craved in unison to know,
"Liver Bird, what's the score?"

-- and the Liver Bird, much
insulted by this brash request,
quoth "Never More!"

And that's why, to this day,
Liver Birds are Silent,
for Ever More.

By Christopher T. George