Me Granda were born in Liverpool
He weren't a Jack the lad
He were a gentle giant of a man
The best granda anyone had

'E were born in 1899
In Garston dus thee know
Not far from one, of them there docks
Where th' river Mersey did Flow

When big foreign ships sailed past
And th' the seagulls heartily cried
This Liverpool lad's, already big heart
Swelled up even more wi' pride

Now is Da visited all th' big ouses
Surrounded wi' masses o' land
They 'ad servants an' everythin'
An' life for them were grand

They'd Persian carpets on th' floor
An' walls lined wi' rows o' books
Ancestors pictures on th' wall
On fancy golden hooks

Their children were kept out o' sight
An' they didn't go to school
But they were educated, right enough
By a governess' as a rule
Great Granda saw 'ow other half lived
Th' opulence did not make 'im lose sleep
Cos 'e were a man who 'ad 'is own business
'E was th' local chimney sweep

But time caught up, as time often does
An' me Granda were only a young man
When Great, Granda suddenly died
And 'e had to look after great Nan

She did her bit, to 'elp them survive
Making bundles o' firewood
Granda had to earn a wage
And leave behind his childhood

They were proud an' struggled on
Till they moved to family in Liegh
Where me Granda begat me dad
An' in Manchester me dad begat me

But if ya see a cloud, lined wi' gold
No matter how minuscule
You will know, Granda's soul
Still floats above Liverpool

By Eileen Powell