The Kop's Dr Fun

Their stands a strange looking man, all clad in red and white.
He has a puppet in his left hand, and a rattle in his right.
He calls himself 'The Doctor',and on his hat it says ' Dr Fun'
And another show will soon begin, as another game is won.

He stands on a famous terrace, and though others share it's name.
Liverpool's kop is unique, and renowned throughout the game.
It's named after an African battlefield, were many lives were lost a long time ago.
And now the kopites who make it their home, are the best supporters the world will ever know.

I stood there myself as a boy, and across the many seasons.
And I've seen people crying there, for many different reasons.
I've seen the barriers all wrapped in scarves, and flowers laid on the floor.
All placed in loving memory, for those who won't return there anymore.

But the old standing kop is now long gone, a shiny new one in it's place.
With a plastic seat for all, given every week to the same old face.
But the kop's history will never be forgotten, the stories will never stop.
And I for one, will always love, Liverpool's famous Spion kop.

By Mike Bartram