The Photographer

I am the man with the camera, walking the Dock road
photo taking buildings, where the dockers moved their load
you will see me by the river, down by the Pier Head
snapping the memorials to heroes so long dead

under railway tunnels and over rooftops too
I try to take the picture that will bring joy to a few
I'm over in the churches, clicking at the stone
I'm at the picture houses, marveling at the dome

a picture at the football ground before I watch the game
a snap or two at Aintree, where Rummy made his name
the pubs are oh so many, I would like to get them all
I take some to remind, before their sad demolished fall

a shot of Paddy's Wigwam turns out nice and neat
then off to take the Anglican, it's just along Hope Street
the fine old fashioned buildings, with cobbles for a road
the rows and rows of terraces, with no lawn to be mowed

I pop along the farm yards, capture pigs asleep in hay
I walk around the cemeteries, where our ancestors lay
boating lakes to drinking fountains, sign post of the past
I even snapped the hoodies, they thought it was a blast

you will see me by the workhouses, now hospitals by name
photos by the waterside, where all the great ships came
in the country house, fine pictures on the wall
using lots of film at the great St George's Hall

I'm riding on the ferry, to make my shot just right
the Liver Building, Albert Dock, splendid what a sight.
when you see my pictures, I hope they make you smile
if I make one person happy, then everything's worthwhile

pity me not as I wander alone seeking only a path for my dream
I have no regrets
only an infinity of love for my city.

By Anthony Hogan