Liverpool Pride.

Why are Liverpudlians so proud
to acknowledge their roots?
Was the question put to me
and was challenged to explain.
It’s hard to define or put into words
but I’ll try to make you understand
people have always put us down
because we stand up for ourselves
“I see the scousers are on strike again.”
But if we think that we have been wronged
we will always fight for our cause
and will continue till justice is done.
There are those who say we weep too long
for those who died through thoughtless deeds
but they will live forever in our hearts
until those responsible are brought to book.
Many a comedian has made a good living
from taking the mickey out of us.
Thankfully though, this is one we do win
because we are able to inwardly smile
and have a good laugh at ourselves.
Our architecture is second to none
our football and music is world renowned
but when people hear that Liverpool twang
it’s “that reminds me I must go to Liverpool
sometime to visit me hubcaps.”
So whatever life may throw at us
we will always bounce right back
because we are proud of what we have achieved.
You will always find a scouser
with a big smile on their face
and two fingers pointing at the world

By Thomas W Carey