People Like Me

8oo years I have heard say
For folks like us just another day
I'm not a poet as you should know
saw this page, it said have a go
I sit at home observing the rain
my hair is long like a lions mane
should I wash and have it cut
or just sit on my fat butt
Decision made I wash and dress
I do my best to smarten up
I even manages to wash a spoon a cup
gathered together and ready for the fray
I reach the door, but to my dismay
Reality emerges and I have a think
Thinking today is such an art
I am good at this I play my part
Soon I will make the break
Alas I muse it just aint fair
here am I strapped to a chair
never mind my help arrives
Going to church street its so alive
Scousers un counted have trod this lovely way
Hustle and Bustle each and every day
Who cares if it rains or snows
its half an hour of good scouse fun
This sets me up for when I get home
I tell my mates the sights i've seen
The noise and smell and sheer joy
The people, fashions, is that a girl or boy
Back at the home audience agog
I recall recall and speak my monologue
I am lucky dont you see
Lost my legs, but I still can be
The eyes & ears for a whole family
Our home caters for many a soul
To some its just a hole
But to most its all we have
We to a man are ever glad
we are scoucres Through and Through
Proud of our city and all there is
For no other place gives such a fizz
800 hundred years I have heard you say
For folks like us Just Another Day.

By Hugo Marchen