Sailing Day: Liverpool, Tuesday, July 16th, 1833

I am not usually very particular about dates;
but, as there is an odd coincidence connected with
the 16th, I desire to note it. On this day, then,
about 3 P.M. I was rumbled from Bold-street
down to St. George's Dock, accompanied
by a few friends, who were resolute to extend their
kindness to the latest limit time and tide,
those unyielding agents, might allow.

Arrived at the ship's side, I found
a number of my own poor countrymen,
agricultural speculators, filling up a leisure
moment before seeking harvest, in seeing
"Who in the world was going to America, all that way. . ."

Disposing amongst the boys the few shillings I had left
in my pocket, I jumped on board the packet-
ship Europe, without cross or coin, saving only
a couple of luck-pennies, the one an American gold
eagle, the present of an amiable gentlewoman;
the other a crooked sixpence, suspended
by a crimson ribbon, the offering of a fair
"maid of the inn," given to me on the very eve
of sailing-day with many kind wishes,
all of which have been realized.*

* This reminiscence by Irish actor Tyrone Power (1795-1841), great grandfather of the movie actor of the same name, recollects one of a number of cross-atlantic trips the actor made to appear on the American stage. During one such ocean crossing, on March 17, 1841, he was lost at sea when his ship sank on a passage back to England.

By Tyrone Power