The Kings Regiment

" Right lads," said the sergeant as we landed on the beach
" Time to get your feet wet, there's an enemy to breach. "

" give them what we came for boys an' show them why we're here"
Up to our necks in briny - the cause seemed right unclear !

The unseen foe seemed angry and they filled the skies with wrath
As three hundred men ducked down in fright for an unplanned early bath
" Keep movin' there" Our sergeant growled to the stragglers at the rear
" Remember what we came here for, don't let them see your fear "

We scrambled up the pock-marked sands, our muscles taut as steel
Cold sweat and beach gave oily seas alternative appeal
From sea to sand , through smoke and mist we gradually made ground
The smell of cordite filled the air and settled all around

Our sarge' had led the reluctant surge up the churned up shore of fright
Where after only three hundred yards the enemy took flight
With the opening skirmish over, as we licked our wounds and fears
We paused to count the heavy cost in blood an' sweat an' tears

" You done right well, Our sergeant said - His compliments were rare
But our answers went unheard to 'sarge' for a landmine stopped him there

We carried on through fields of fire; each worser than before
Each squaddie with his personal cross he'd bear forever more
With memories of our 'good ol' sarge' imprinted in each heart
We ploughed our foreign fields and scattered enemies apart

" Keep movin' lads " Our sarge had called those endless days ago
Words we often had to heed as we came upon the foe

With echoes of our brave old sergeant going on before
Onward! Forward! Ever Onward ! We pushed, then pushed some more. . . . .

By Norm Whittle