Dear Eleanor

Watch her sitting alone,
As she reflects on the day.
Back to the time when,
Her dreams paved the way.
The tolling of church bells,
Pure white wedding lace.
The betrayal of love,
All the shame and disgrace.

It's now long in the past,
But the embers still burn.
wounds fester and bleed,
As the sad memories return.
The love of her life,
Why did he leave her behind.
Stood there at the altar,
With her tears running blind.

Dear Father Mckenzie,
Who soothed all her sorrow.
With a promise and blessing,
Of a brighter tomorrow.
But her heart remains torn,
And frayed at the seams.
Clinging to yesterday,
And the man of her dreams.

All the folk in the village,
Who point as they say.
Just look at poor Eleanor,
Half her mind blown away.
But now she is resting,
In a cold grave she sleeps.
And dreams of the promises,
Her man couldn't keep.

From dust was she was born,
And dust she will be.
Like rice in the church yard,
Blown away with a breeze.
But her name will live on,
In a sweet songs melody.
As they sing of the heartache,
Of dear Eleanor Rigby.

By Sharon Cawthorne