You ask me for my memories of my home in Liverpool.
Now I could write of football or of early days at school
but there is a group of people who made this city shine
their everybody's ancestors, their yours and some are mine

For me they came from Dublin, Roscommon and Galway
Great grandad came from Sweden, now that's very far away
from down the south in Somerset to Kendal up the top
nearer home in Cheshire they're still adding to the crop

I find them in the census and I see the job they did
I find them in the workhouse and cry for every kid
they're everywhere in Scottie and plenty more Park road
they're dockers on the Mersey and carters with their load

now think of this dear reader, this lot they are just mine
they never had much money, but turned out pretty fine
they're just a tiny fraction of the Liverpool city past
now add them to your ancestors, it's getting really vast

And when we start to celebrate our eight hundredth year
remember them and realise they're the reason we are here
they helped to shape this city, they helped to make it great
and they will be smiling down on us as we enjoy big eight

By Anthony Hogan