Dovecot Park (late 1940’s)

Dovecot Park (late 1940’s)

How I recall those football games
played then in Dovecot Park.
They started early in the morning
and finished in the dark

No refs, no lines, no goal posts,
just coats to mark the goals.
Not a blade of grass was visible
and the ‘pitch’ was full of holes.

Everyone could join in
as long as they went in twos,
each pair go ‘pudding and beef’
and let the ‘captains’ choose.

You could play for an hour or two
then go home for your dinner,
to return refreshed
to play like a beginner.

We loved this day long ‘futtie’
where we tried to make our mark
and it is with great nostalgia
I remember ‘Dovvy Park’.

By Dave Price