Four Times Four Times

Saturn’s fireball
setting over Mersey skies
illuminates the Liver’s fog-tinged plumage.

Our Culture Capital’s magnificent profile
highlighted in its russet glow
history’s dark side revealed
edifices built on trade in precious metals
shipyards crafting sailing vessels
human cargo locked in fetters
Cunard’s ocean-going liners
empire’s sweet and sour stores
stockpiled in ancient royal docks.

All’s changed:
wailing Laskars’ lamentations
and haunting sailors’ sea shanties
have made way for
latter-day unchained melodies
pepped-up beats
played by combos
never bettered
musical pacemakers
and beautiful dreamers
high on psychedelia.

Come, walk with me
through the city streets
feel its vibrant heart beat
blood-red, sky blue
Scousers of four times four times four-one-hundred different hues
successive generations
drawn to its magnetic core
a multiracial tidal wave
whose ebb and flow
began so many years before
when adventurers set forth
traversing far-flung seas
new worlds to discover and explore.

Now Reds and blacks
whites and Blues
Scousers of four times four times four-one-hundred different hues
eclipse the rainbow
framing the city
offering to you and me
the welcome of
their all-encompassing embrace.

By Baden Prince jnr