The Dockers' Clock

Tick tock. The Dockers' Clock
-- with its six clock faces facing
all points of the compass, the drunken
sailors' rolling gait, their brawling wake
-- kept my time during my summer hols,
a few quid in a paypacket, my first job,
clocking me in and out as I plotted
the comings and goings of the ships
in and out of the Liverpool docks
for the Mersey Docks & Harbour Board:
stalwart-named docks like the strong
hot Assam tea I sipped as I munched
my greasy Dock Road bacon butties:
King's and Queen's, Wapping, Salthouse,
Albert, Waterloo, Huskisson, Princes,
Nelson, Trafalgar, Wellington. . .

By Christopher T. George